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Graphic Design

Professional graphic design service for all print and web based applications at a realistic price.

Web Services

Website design, development, administration and hosting at competetive prices.


Professional photographic services for all personal and commercial applications.




1. a person who devises and implements a new or highly imaginative concept or technology, in particular one who devises the attractions in theme parks.


1. devise and implement (a new or highly imaginative concept or technology)

“theme parks are benefiting from a new era of imagineering”

The world we live in, and the lives we live are themed by our very ideas of ourselves and our relationships, organisations, and businesses – the imagineer’s task is to discover and represent these themes for the benefit of our clients.



Imagineering is a portmanteau combining the words “imagination” and “engineering”

 Imagineering is the implementing of creative ideas into practical form.

Imagineer multimedia production serves the needs of professionals; individuals, organisations, and corporations. I create media artefacts through which my clients can communicate their ideas, promote their products and services, and attract the attention of potential clients and collaborators.